A gentle, slow-moving river of consciousness…


In a beautiful session today being coached by my friend Kathi, I saw something new and wonderful.  There are many kinds of “stuck” or “heavy” energies, which can lead to a down.  Sometimes the energy is like coal dust or small black icicles:  with this type of down, exercise or a cathartic, active meditation technique can move the energy or dissolve it or shake it off.

But there is another kind of dark layer:  more like the vast sheets of rock in the Grand Canyon.  For these downs, a warm, calm, slow-moving river of presence feels more appropriate.  No amount of shaking is going to help — in fact, all your “doing” might actually make things worse.

No — when meeting that thick rock-like layer, resting next to it / on top of it is all I can do.  A gentle, slow-moving river of consciousness…  And like the Grand Canyon, after a long time, slowly slowly, without someone noticing it, the rock starts to dissolve, leaving more space for Love to flow.


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