Life Purpose: The Wind

Who is ready for the highest, most true definition of “life purpose”?

Rev. Michael Beckwith refers to it as “The Experience of Divine or Mystic Mind,” and “The Experience of Being One with Spirit.”

In my experience, living in this state, knowing deeply that there is no past and (more important to this discussion) no future, but rather only this moment, one comes to know that any mental construct which attempts to define one’s “life purpose” over time is simply a false coin.

Because the wind shifts.

Because this moment is totally new, and not necessarily connected to the last moment.

Living in the here-now state, “life purpose” arises each moment.  A welling up inside may move me to say hello to the stranger in line at the coffee shop.  When this welling up happens, saying “hi” is living my life purpose in this moment.

I might bolt awake at three in the morning, a poem streaming through.  Writing it down is my life purpose in this moment.

And — and this is the hard part for those folks mentally dissecting their goals, visions, and five-year plans — in the moments when no welling up is happening, it is time to stop and look inside, to see what the obstacles are to feeling and allowing the ever-present presence of Divine Flow.

The work in these moments becomes seeing and bringing loving attention to these obstacles, and waiting for them to dissolve.  So that Inspiration may flow once again.

I find there are times when the Mind desperately wants to DEFINE my life purpose, to KNOW what my soul work is, and so on and so forth.  Alas, I’ve had enough mystical experiences to know that this is simply not how the Universe works.

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