Only godliness remains…

Last night and this morning there was much stillness in the air around “me.”  As “I” have dissolved more and more, “I” have become more and more in tune with the environment.  What is true for “me” is it is easier for me to remember; to be present during these quiet early mornings.  Easier than during the 3:47 pm frenetic end-of-the-business-day energy.  “I” observe as the mechanism named Prahas starts to be overwhelmed with sensation and stimulus.  The work is to grow the amount of sensation which can be held; can be felt; can be present to.  And what a beautiful work it is.

Here is a beautiful Osho quote on the subject:  “When I roam the lofty mountains I feel like my soul is raised on high and covered like the peaks in never melting caps of snow. And when I descend into the valleys I feel deep and profound like them and my heart fills with mysterious shadows. The same thing happens at the edge of the sea. There I merge with the surging waves; they pound and roar within me. When I gaze at the sky I expand. I become boundless, unlimited. When I look at the stars, silence permeates me; when I see a flower the ecstasy of beauty overwhelms me. … When I look into the eyes of an animal I see no difference between them and my own. Gradually my separate existence has been effaced and only Godliness remains.”  –Osho

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