Being in the world post-Satori…

A person asked:

How do you operate in this world after experiencing a spiritual awakening?

My answer:

It depends on our definition of “spiritual awakening.” There are several ways to parse this phrase, and I’ll choose one simple one from Zen.

“Satori” is a glimpse of the beyond. It may only last half a second. We get a taste of something, and perhaps an increase in energy in our system.

As one progresses, satoris may happen periodically. And over time, the amount of energy running through the system (the body-mind-Being) on average increases.

In my experience, both of these things effected my perception, my preferences around being social vs. being alone, the kinds of work I wanted to do, the kinds of play I enjoyed, the kinds of relating to other people I liked, and so forth.

If one proceeds, eventually one attains to “samadhi.” This is a total dissolving of the ego: the dew drop falls away into the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The corresponding energy is quite high. And one may find, as Buddha reported, that desire has dropped away.

To show up in the world in this state is quite an adventure…

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