On affirmations…

It was asked:

Should you repeat a mantra such as “I love myself” while meditating or stay silent and keep your mind clear?

I replied:

Neither. 🙂

Repeating an affirmation such as “I love myself” does not help much. Because the underlying feelings do not change. Rather — simply be present to whatsoever arises, and accept it from the heart. If you notice feelings of self-hatred, watch the way a scientist might watch. “Interesting — there is self-hatred inside.” If a feeling of joy arises, watch the joy.

Regarding “keeping your mind clear:” it is not possible. *You* cannot keep your mind clear. Because who would be doing it? Just another part of the mind — the thought police!

No — simply watch as the thoughts pass through — like clouds passing through an open sky. Over time, they may slow down, and a clear mind may arise. But it will be a happening — it will not be because of your doing.

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