On warriorship

It was asked:

Why is spirituality so often connected with warriorship?

I replied:

Because most people don’t go all the way to the top of the mountain.

If my spirituality contains warriorship in it, it means I am still identified with something. Perhaps my physical body; my health; the well-being of my family or friends; my vision; my ideology…. It could be many things — but if I am fighting, I am identified with that which is not Being. Being — which is to say the witnessing consciousness.

Being is sometimes referred to as a mirror — it simply reflects whatsoever passes in front of it. Notice — a mirror does not do things. It does not act. It does not fight. It simply reflects. This is how Being functions.

And until one is totally rooted in Being, one’s spiritual journey has not ended. One is still on the mountain path.

And this is the state of 99% of spiritual practitioners in the world (including myself).

Thus, the frequent connection to warriorship. Beautiful question.

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