The Buddha speaks about Enlightenment and the end of suffering. Joseph Campbell speaks about finding and following your Bliss.

But how do you taste these magnificent experiences?

I work with a unique and powerful style of inner guidance to help you create a working map of your internal landscape.

Through quality attention, fearless reflection, and a deep plumb line to the innate wisdom that lives within each of us, I help you to know yourself and your power, and to gain greater access to your heart-infused will in a broad range of circumstances.

My unique approach uses a combination of excavating your desire, educating you about new perspectives, and sharing my wisdom and experience, born from 20+ years of meditation and personal growth work. These three components lead you into a life of greater intimacy, freedom and play.

I work with you to dissolve the obstacles which block you from knowing and living your deepest longings. In short, I help you to cultivate Unconditional Freedom.


You’re ready for a change.
You’re ready for more depth in your relatings: romantic, business, familial, social.
You’re ready for more intimacy and connection.
You’re ready to invite more Love and delight into your life.

So contact me now, and allow me to stand beside you as you begin to unearth your Inspiration.

I encourage you to set up a *free* one-hour exploratory meeting, during which I can help you get clear on what you envision for your life, and what obstacles may be blocking your path. At the end of our meeting, I’ll propose a mentoring package designed to get you where you want to go. (There’s no obligation to sign up for anything.)

I can work with you in person, over Skype, or on the telephone.

What do you have to lose? Contact me now and schedule your *free* one-hour exploratory meeting today!

Prahas David Nafissian
Email: prahas.music@gmail.com

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